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In 1955 Alois Dambauer set up a light metal alloys foundry with a staff of 4. Ten years later a second business support was created in the firm Hurrican – Air and Environment Technology. The company founder was killed in an air crash in 1979.

His widow Margarethe Dambauer ran the business with her 3 children until her death in 1999. Since this date the success of the company that now numbers 120 employees, has been in the hands of the CEOs Kurt, Dietmar and Ulrike Dambauer.

“Solve all problems before they arise” – is a motto that applies to all our staff. What this requires besides an extraordinarily broad perspective is the comprehensive commitment of all the employees in the company. Our strengths are: listening, analysing, planning, implementing. We feel confident that we can meet the challenges of the future on the basis of these abilities.

Our Target Markets: Energy Technology, Railway Technology, Automation and Machine Construction

Vöcklabrucker Metal Foundry

Dambauer GmbH

Vöcklastraße 20
A-4840 Vöcklabruck

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What you can expect from us when you involve us in your planning in good time:

Solving problems before they arise.

Listening, analysis, planning, implementation


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