The factors that really count today are flexibility, customer orientation, keeping perfectly to schedule, expertise and re-liability. As one of the principal Austrian cast metal foundries we have risen to the challenge of a market with constantly changing demands with sustained success for decades. We are the only Austrian foundry and one of the few in Europe, with a manufacturing facility producing helium tested gas impermeable cast aluminium parts (pressure tanks). We have a high specialisation potential providing individual solutions tailored to precise customer needs in our core business areas of gravity die casting, low pressure permanent mould casting and machine moulded sand casting. Major industrial customers at home and abroad who put their trust in our products are the clearest proof for the quality of our work.



We supply top grade cast aluminium parts to the electronics, automotive, railway and mechanical engineering industries, with a 60% export share to the prime markets Germany, Switzerland and France. Our company has an outstanding location on the edge of the Salzkammergut, the Alpine Lake District in Upper Austria and right at the heart of the new Europe – an advantage giving us the added plus of logistic speed to the benefit of our customers.


Our Target Markets: Energy Technology, Railway Technology, Automation and Machine Construction

Vöcklabrucker Metal Foundry

Dambauer GmbH

Vöcklastraße 20
A-4840 Vöcklabruck

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[ E ] vmg@dambauer.at


What you can expect from us when you involve us in your planning in good time:

Solving problems before they arise.

Listening, analysis, planning, implementation


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