Pricing Policy

Quality has its price as everyone knows. Prices in line with the market can never be abandoned, no matter how far quality thinking goes. That is why our staff have the job of constantly seeking to cut costs and to increase productivity. This know-how flows continuously into the further development of the company. That is how it is possible for us to be your fair and reliable partner despite the tough competitive market situation – value for money is a simple matter of course with us as your partner.


Progress is very fast paced. We invest an enormous sum in research and development each year to keep our company at the cutting edge so we can sustain our market price policy over the long term. Progress is also the art of applying innovations in such a manner that they are justifiable in business terms. That is why we always align ourselves with the needs of our customers, both today and tomorrow, with each single investment we make.


Our Target Markets: Energy Technology, Railway Technology, Automation and Machine Construction

Vöcklabrucker Metal Foundry

Dambauer GmbH

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A-4840 Vöcklabruck

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What you can expect from us when you involve us in your planning in good time:

Solving problems before they arise.

Listening, analysis, planning, implementation


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