Anything that is thinkable – we can make it!

You face a host of new challenges each and every day of your professional life. We see it as our job to relieve you at least of those challenges that are our core business – the development and production of intelligent cast aluminium parts. Give your imagination free play and entrust us with the job. You can rely on us to give shape to your thoughts. Anything that is thinkable – we can make it!

All we need to implement your cast metal engineering project is a little time so we can analyse your task concepts precisely. The vital factor in this job is for you to include us in the planning at the right time. Experience shows that this can slash up to 70% from your production costs.


Our Target Markets: Energy Technology, Railway Technology, Automation and Machine Construction

Vöcklabrucker Metal Foundry

Dambauer GmbH

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A-4840 Vöcklabruck

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What you can expect from us when you involve us in your planning in good time:

Solving problems before they arise.

Listening, analysis, planning, implementation


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